Bike as Design Icon

A trip to the Design Museum revealed bikes as Design Icons rather than machines for high performance , or in the case of the Moulton an exercise in quirky British innovation


The Moulton brought back memories . My father always aspired to own one , but motivated by a keen sense of value bought instead its Raleigh competitor , which as a substitute for the Moulton’s much vaunted suspension , sported massively thick tyres instead  . It was not a joy to ride .

The icons of style included bikes ridden by cycling heroes Boardman and Wiggins which made my own look decidedly humdrum by comparison .


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Sharing ideas and experiences drawn from 30 years as a Public Service Leader . Firm believer in the value of Public Service and the importance of vision , strategy , communication and engagement in making a positive difference to people’s lives .Hopefully helping make sense of what often seems a complicated world .

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  1. I remember that chunky wheeled, olive green Raleigh bike, collected from the cycle shop in Lee Green in July (for my birthday) …was it 1967 or 1968 ….did I get it just before we moved on 31st July 68?


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