Lost in Norwich

‘It’s the other side of the city ‘ said the helpful receptionist when I asked whether I could walk to the football stadium ‘I’ll get you a taxi ‘ .

Of course the flaw in the plan was I had no idea of the way back . After the match I followed the tide of people. Surely they would all be going towards the City Centre ? Doomed strategy. Turned out they were headed towards myriad favourite free match day parking spots .

Thank goodness for Google Maps . Soon back on track and pleasant walk through City . Past Castle Meadow ( no meadow obviously ) and into the square and on to charming undulating Georgian cobbled streets.

Back to the St .Giles . Of course it’s a boutique hotel ( no self respecting small hotel wouldn’t be these days ) and full of features from its past life . Baroque columns abound .

Municipal offices until 1938. Clearly I was born too late. I could have become accustomed to this grandeur .

Prior to that it was a private residence . Lovely setting to stay  in and right in the middle of things. Everything except a view . I learned subsequently its refurbishment had been the subject of a reality tv show featuring an eccentric Russian owner ( it’s worth checking out ) – certainly there were a few eccentric design decisions ……

Nice amble round the city centre , and then back to the road


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Sharing ideas and experiences drawn from 30 years as a Public Service Leader . Firm believer in the value of Public Service and the importance of vision , strategy , communication and engagement in making a positive difference to people’s lives .Hopefully helping make sense of what often seems a complicated world .

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