Eni Trumps Cundy Any Day

Jason Cundy found himself in a conversation with Piers Morgan this morning in which he attempted to justify why he preferred male commentators .

Why is this a matter of discussion in 2018?

 Deeply disturbing that this inchoate sexism is still incoherently bumbling around .

Personally I am  fed up with superannuated footballers living off their reputations and voicing the obvious from the Briefing Packs which some of them haven’t bothered to absorb. I would prefer to listen to Eni Aluko (  )any day


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Sharing ideas and experiences drawn from 30 years as a Public Service Leader . Firm believer in the value of Public Service and the importance of vision , strategy , communication and engagement in making a positive difference to people’s lives .Hopefully helping make sense of what often seems a complicated world .

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