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Sharing ideas and experiences drawn from 30 years as a Public Service Leader . Firm believer in the value of Public Service and the importance of vision , strategy , communication and engagement in making a positive difference to people’s lives .Hopefully helping make sense of what often seems a complicated world .

Floyd Road Rollercoaster

They never make it easy for the supporters . Every football club’s fans probably make that claim . The difference is with Charlton it is true . As was proved beyond doubt at the Valley on Friday night. Charlton v Doncaster Rovers League One Play Off Semi Final 2nd leg – CAFC 2-1 up .…

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Trending At The Valley

Back at the Valley with full cast come to witness the trouncing of current trending stars of Netflix – Sunderland. Annoyingly they hadn’t read the script and scored in 1 min 50 seconds. Dampener. Then it emerged Charlton didn’t have a midfield, misplaced centre halves all over the shop. Retreated to Bartrams and when we…

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Eni Trumps Cundy Any Day

Jason Cundy found himself in a conversation with Piers Morgan this morning in which he attempted to justify why he preferred male commentators . Why is this a matter of discussion in 2018?  Deeply disturbing that this inchoate sexism is still incoherently bumbling around . Personally I am  fed up with superannuated footballers living off…

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Red Balloons At Shrewsbury

We arrived at Shrewsbury with high hopes and red balloons. After about 70 minutes the balloons and our hopes were burst . Dozens of Charlton fans were reeling from the effects of pepper spray deployed by the police with all the experimental zeal of children in the playground trying out a new water pistol .…

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The Donald and Me

The news that Donald Trump is to visit the UK on Friday 13th July sent a chill down my spine .  You see it’s personal between the Donald and me . He has been following me. Or at least in my footsteps when he comes to Europe First it was Taormina for the G7. He…

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Weather Saved the Skirpals?

Apparently it may have been the British weather that saved the Skirpals from the worst effects of Novichok. The speculation is that the Novichok was administered by its application to a door handle . Apparently there is a case from 1995 when Novichok was applied to an office phone killing two people . It is…

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The Music of the Masts

One of my earliest holiday memories is the music of the masts as the rigging of the yachts in Chichester Harbour , West Wittering clattered  in rhythm with the wind . The beach was tantalisingly close . The lagoons ( if the tide was out) and the Green Chalet ( bucket, spades and windmills )…

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