Hendrix in Mayfair

Improbably , Handel and Hendrix lived in the same house in Mayfair – obviously separated by a couple of floors and two hundred years or so  The music Hendrix was listening to at the time is on display – some eclectic choices . Handel seems to have taken his music with him .

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Big in Iceland

I was big in Iceland for about the fabled 15 minutes . I even got to meet the President and visit the Hofdihaus – famous as where Reagan and Gorbachev met for the first Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) which created the period of Detente / Glasnost / Peristroika . A period that we have…

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Lost in Norwich

‘It’s the other side of the city ‘ said the helpful receptionist when I asked whether I could walk to the football stadium ‘I’ll get you a taxi ‘ . Of course the flaw in the plan was I had no idea of the way back . After the match I followed the tide of…

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